Hello All,

First, thank you for being such incredible supporters of the Stress Factory. We feel so very blessed to have met each and every one of you and that you've allowed us into your life. Vinnie and I fully believe that our mission on this earth is to bring levity, humor and entertainment to all those of who are in need of an escape and a good laugh.

Last Saturday, Vinnie performed a free show which was meant to not only entertain those tuning in but also to work out the technical kinks that might arise for the upcoming zoom shows. While we have always enjoyed producing shows and seeing the reactions of those that we've entertained last Saturday's show struck a very emotional chord for us.

We were so overwhelmed by the positive reactions from all the people who watched it live but also from all of those that tuned in afterwards. Many reached out to us personally to say how the show lifted their spirits and gave them a much needed break & laugh.

We felt if we could help even just one person during this time feel some hope and levity that we've succeeded. Knowing that we reached close to four thousand people this past weekend and hearing so many of their stories has lifted Vinnie and I.

With that said, we are going to make the show free again this week in hopes that we continue to reach as many as we possibly can during these tense and unknown times.

We look forward to seeing you tune in this Saturday night!! We will be broadcasting from vinniebrandcomic facebook page https:// www.facebook.com/vinniebrandcomic/. Also for additional laughs, check out our youtube channel Vinnie Brand. We've been busy during the quarantine making funny videos. Please subscribe, like and comment! We love the feedback. Check our latest videos--Homeschooling: The new way to get an A https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=6exV018cf4U&t=11s and Protecting the Parks-COVID POLICING https://www.youtube.com/watch? v=h0Cdi5IoFzM&t=29s

the parks are open and it takes a team of people to keep them that way. We volunteered our time to make sure we can all stay safe. MASK UP PEOPLE! No distancing guidelines were violated in making ...

Lastly, we have tried to reach each and every ticket holder from previous shows. We have been able to reschedule many of shows for the summer, fall and winter 2021. We've added more shows since last weeks email. If you haven't heard from us please email us at info@stressfactory.com. This is the best way to contact us.

Please like, share and subscribe to our social media, the more we reach, the more we help

all my best,

Vicki Brand